About Us

As the name suggests, Opengate Residential opens doors for you towards the industry of profitable and safe renting. We are basically a letting agency based in North London serving actively in the field of property renting since years. With an expertise in providing our clientele with the highest guaranteed rent, we have, over the years, accumulated a strong portfolio by serving several satisfied clients. These include landlords who are in search for a fixed rental income that is paid regularly on monthly basis without any hassle.

We have earned quite repute in providing our valuable clients with secure renting services. This implies that the rent income is guaranteed by the end of every month. The best part is that you still receive the payment irrespective of the fact that the property is vacant or if the rent is delayed or if it is not paid at all. These services enable Opengate Residential to establish a benchmark in the property letting industry and to gain an edge over its competitors.

We not only open gates for the landlords but also facilitate the tenants in the best possible way too. Through the professionalism that we have earned in this business, our team is now an expertise in dealing with the queries, questions and complaints of the tenants. We ensure that the tenants are completely satisfied with the property that they are settling in and guarantee that it is worth the rent that they are paying for it. To make the process simpler, there is no set up fees, monthly commissions or hidden extras that would add to the stress of the tenants and landlords.

While keeping the procedure of property renting in hierarchy, we ensure that there is a guaranteed starting date of the contract. This means that the landlord does not have to worry as to how long it will take to find a tenant. The procedure works in a way that we become your tenant by guaranteeing you a fixed rental income, every month.

Once sign the contract we effectively become your tenant. The property is then sub-let and taken care of by us. The process of selecting the right tenants and then managing the property throughout the duration of the contract in the best possible manner, is what Opengate Residential specializes in.

In a nutshell, Open Gates is a one stop solution to all your house letting and renting needs. From choosing the right tenants, to inspecting and maintaining the property regularly, Opengate Residential has it all for you under one roof!